One way to improve your browsing experience on Google Chrome is by adding Chrome extensions. These are small programs that can be easily installed and enhance the functionality of your browser. They can modify Chrome's functionality, add new features, or block adverts. Extensions can be downloaded through the Chrome Web Store and are written in JavaScript and HTML. Chrome extensions are a considerable way to boost your browser's capabilities and simplify your life as a developer.

Top Ten Chrome Extensions For Developers:

As a developer, you have access to a wide range of extensions. However, after careful consideration, we have identified the top ten extensions that are most suitable for your needs.

1. Web Developer

Any developer should have the Web Developer plugin. It provides access to several tools for inspecting, debugging, and evaluating web pages. It allows you to see a page's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as the network queries that the page makes. Other capabilities include the option to enable and disable JavaScript and CSS as well as imitate various screen sizes.

2. React Developer Tools

The React Developer Tools extension is essential if you are creating React apps. By giving you a live view of the component tree, the state of your app, and the performance of your app, it helps you gain a thorough understanding of how your React app is functioning. It also provides a variety of additional capabilities, like the capacity to go through the code line by line and debug your project.

3. Postman

An excellent tool for testing APIs is Postman. By using this extension you can examine the response data and send and receive requests. It has various functions such as the option to save queries and responses and the capacity to associate with others on API testing.

4. JSON Viewer

The JSON Viewer extension is a simple but useful tool for viewing JSON data. It helps to format the data as well as search for specific information and browse it. It also has several other characteristics, such as exporting the data to a file and copying it to the clipboard, among others.

5. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is a remarkable resource for figuring out which technologies are being used on a web page. It can provide information on the CMS being used, the programming languages being employed, and the integration of third-party services. This data may be useful for troubleshooting, market research and security audits.

6. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is a wonderful tool for choosing colours from websites. It includes a variety of characteristics, including the capacity to select colours from a page's text, background, and foreground elements. Over and above that, it contains a colour history and a colour picker tool.

7. WhatFont

WhatFont is a fantastic resource for figuring out which fonts are being used on a website. It can provide information about the font's name, family, and size. Other features include the opportunity to download the font file and the ability to preview the font on your computer.

8. Usersnap

Usersnap is a phenomenal tool for taking and sharing screenshots of websites and comments on them. Any area of a page can be screenshotted, and the screenshots can also have annotations and comments added. After that, you can give your team or clients access to the screenshots and comments.

9. Session Buddy

Session Buddy is a great tool for managing your tabs and bookmarks. It has several features that include the ability to search for tabs and preview tabs before opening them, among others.

10. Vimium

Vimium is an enormous Chrome extension for keyboard navigation. You can use just your keyboard to navigate through web pages. In addition to that, it has various characteristics such as the capability to scroll through pages and open links in new tabs.

Benefits of Using Chrome Extensions

There are many benefits to using Chrome extensions, including:

  • Increased productivity: By adding new functions to your browser, such as a task manager, a to-do list, or a timer, Chrome extensions can increase your productivity. Distractions like advertisements or social media updates can also be blocked by them.
  • Improved security: By eliminating malware, phishing scams, and other online hazards, Chrome extensions can help you increase your security. They can also safeguard your privacy and secure your passwords.
  • Personalized browsing experience: The appearance and feel of your browser, the addition of new capabilities, or the banning of stuff that you don't want to see are all ways that Chrome extensions can help you customize your surfing experience.

Chrome Extensions' Uses:

Chrome extensions can be used for many different things, such as:

  • Chrome extensions that include features like breakpoints, line numbers, and code highlighting can be used to debug programs.
  • Chrome extensions can be used to test APIs by sending and receiving requests, as well as seeing the data returned by the APIs in response.
  • Chrome extensions that offer functionality like HTML and CSS inspection, JavaScript debugging, and network request monitoring can be used to investigate online pages.


A strong tool you may use to enhance your web browsing is a Chrome extension. You can be more productive, safe, and private with their assistance.

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