The 2024 Instagram API update introduces several new features to enhance the experience for creators, businesses, and developers:

For Creators and Businesses

  • User Tagging in Reels: Tag other users in Reels for increased engagement
  • Customizable 'Original Audio' Names: More control over audio content branding
  • Higher Media Posting Limits: Share more content without restrictions
  • Monetization and Discovery Tools:

For Developers

Feature Description
Business Discovery Access metadata and stats of other Business/Creator accounts
Content Publishing Publish photos, videos, and locations
Comment Moderation Manage comments (reply, disable, delete, hide)
Hashtag Search Discover content by specific hashtags
Page Insights Track performance with detailed analytics

To access the new features, you'll need a Business Instagram account connected to a Facebook account, a configured Facebook App, verified Business accounts, and a Facebook Developer account. The approval process involves specifying data usage and providing a valid Privacy Policy.

By leveraging these updates, developers can create more engaging experiences, drive user interactions, and unlock new revenue opportunities for creators and businesses on Instagram.

2024 Instagram API Release Overview

Instagram API

The 2024 Instagram API release introduces new features and improvements for developers, focusing on enhancing the overall user experience.

Key Improvements and Additions

The latest update includes:

Feature Description
Business Discovery Retrieve essential metadata and stats about other Instagram Business and Creators accounts
Content Publishing Publish different types of media, including photos and videos, with locations
Comment Moderation Manage comments with features like replying, disabling, deleting, and hiding
Hashtag Search Easily discover content with specific hashtags
Page Insights Track performance with more detailed analytics and metrics

These updates aim to provide developers with more tools to create seamless Instagram experiences, driving user engagement and business success. In the following sections, we'll delve deeper into the specifics of these updates and explore how developers can leverage them to drive success.

New Tools for Creators and Businesses

The latest Instagram API update introduces new features and tools designed to support creators and businesses. These changes can help improve engagement and revenue opportunities.

Expanded Publishing Options for Creators

The updated API allows developers to integrate expanded publishing features into third-party apps. This enables creators to publish different types of media, including photos and videos, with locations. This feature makes it easier for creators to manage their content across various platforms.

Feature Description
Media Publishing Publish photos and videos with locations
Content Management Manage content across various platforms

Monetization and Discovery Features

The updated API includes new monetization features and discovery tools. These features can significantly impact creator revenue streams and brand collaborations.

Feature Description
Creator Marketplace Discover and partner with creators more efficiently
Prioritized DMs Facilitate smoother collaborations between brands and creators
Project Briefs Provide creators with more opportunities to monetize their content

User Tagging in Reels

The new user tagging functionality in Reels allows creators to tag other users in their videos. This feature increases engagement and virality.

Customizing 'Original Audio' in Reels

The ability to rename 'Original Audio' in Reels provides creators with more control over their branding and content strategy.

Higher Media Posting Limits

The increased media posting limits enable creators and businesses to share more content without restrictions. This provides more opportunities for engagement and revenue generation.

By leveraging these features, developers can create more effective monetization strategies for creators and businesses.


Technical Guide to New API Features

This section provides technical insights into the new Instagram API features, offering guidance on how developers can integrate these updates to enhance app functionality and user experience.

Improved Comment Moderation

The new Instagram API introduces enhanced comment moderation features, enabling developers to maintain positive community interactions. With the updated API, you can:

Feature Description
Get Comments Retrieve comments on IG Media owned by your app users
Reply to Comments Reply to comments on IG Media owned by your app users
Delete Comments Delete comments on IG Media owned by your app users
Hide/Unhide Comments Hide or unhide comments on IG Media owned by your app users
Enable/Disable Comments Enable or disable comments on IG Media owned by your app users

Additionally, you can use the Instagram Messaging API to send private replies (direct messages) to users who have commented on your app users' live video IG Media.

The updated API improves hashtag search, allowing developers to fine-tune content discovery and marketing strategies. Although the old (legacy) API will shut down hashtag search, Facebook will make it available on the new Graph API. This change affects social walls in various ways, and developers need to adapt to these changes to ensure seamless integration.

More Page Insights Metrics

The new API provides more detailed analytics for developers, offering a better understanding of their clients' performance. With the updated API, businesses can access valuable insights, keeping track of their organic content's performance more effectively on third-party tools outside of the Instagram application.

By leveraging these technical features, developers can create more effective and engaging experiences for users, ultimately driving revenue and growth for creators and businesses.

Getting Started with the Updated API

To start using the updated Instagram API, you need to understand the initial setup, account requirements, and the approval process for accessing new features. This section will guide you through the essential steps to get started.

Requirements for New Features

To access the latest Instagram API features, you'll need to meet specific criteria and account types. Here's a checklist to ensure you're on the right track:

Requirement Description
Business Instagram account Connected to a Facebook account
Facebook App Configured to access Instagram accounts
Verified Business account For both Facebook and Instagram
Facebook Developer account Required for API access

Approval Process Explained

The approval process for developers to gain access to the new API features involves specifying the type of data your app will be requesting from users and describing how you will use that data. Here are some tips for a smooth authorization experience:

1. Clear app purpose and data usage: Ensure you have a concise description of your app's purpose and data usage.

2. Valid Privacy Policy: Provide a valid Privacy Policy on a website.

3. Additional steps: Be prepared to complete additional steps as required by Facebook/Instagram.

4. Switch to Live mode: Only switch your app to Live mode after you have been approved to avoid losing access to all data.

By following these guidelines, you'll be well on your way to leveraging the updated Instagram API features and creating more effective and engaging experiences for users.

Conclusion: Benefiting from the Updates

The updated Instagram API brings new features and opportunities for developers, creators, and businesses. By understanding and using these changes, you can improve your projects and stay ahead.

Leverage Expanded Publishing Options

The new API allows creators to access more features and tools to manage their online presence. By integrating these features, you can help creators expand their reach, engage with their audience, and monetize their content more efficiently.

The updated API introduces improved comment moderation and hashtag search features, enabling developers to create more interactive and immersive experiences for users. By using these features, you can build more robust and engaging applications.

Unlock New Revenue Streams with Monetization Features

The new API also brings monetization features, allowing creators and businesses to explore new revenue streams and opportunities. By integrating these features, you can help your clients and users generate more revenue and grow their online presence.

In conclusion, the updated Instagram API offers many benefits and opportunities. By using these changes, you can improve your projects, enhance user experience, and unlock new revenue streams.


What APIs does Instagram offer?

Instagram provides two APIs: the Basic Display API and the Graph API. The Basic Display API allows users to access basic profile information, photos, and videos from their Instagram accounts. The Graph API is designed for Instagram Businesses and Creators, enabling them to manage their presence on Instagram.

Is the Instagram API deprecated?

Yes, the Legacy API platform was deprecated in 2018. The final permission on the Legacy API (“Basic Permission”) ended on March 31, 2020. As of January 19, 2024, the Legacy API is no longer available.

What are the limitations of Instagram Graph API?

The Instagram Graph API has some limitations. It cannot access consumer accounts (non-Business or non-Creator Instagram accounts). If you're building an app for consumer users, use the Basic Display API instead. Additionally, the API has restrictions on user metrics, media metrics, and endpoint usage to ensure user privacy and security.

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