In Today's rapid and busy world, the fitness industry is gaining a lot of attention. Especially during COVID-19 when people were not able to go anywhere and had to stay inside their houses to protect themselves from this deadly disease. People started to worry about their health and fitness. Since people cannot go outside of their houses to the gym, a hike in fitness apps took place in the market. People started to prioritize their health, began working out, and started using fitness apps.

Role of Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are playing a big role in transforming the workout industry. Especially for busy working people and stay-at-home mothers who don't have time to go to the gym or consult a nutrition specialist, a fitness app is a great alternative for them. According to an article in 2020, fitness apps saw a 46% increase in downloads worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The hype of fitness apps is ever-growing. Fitness apps have over two billion active users and the fitness app market is expected to reach $14.7 billion by 2026. A drastic change can be seen in these years. They have made exercises more accessible and easier, allowing users to work out at their own pace while monitoring what's best for them, from diets to different daily exercises. Fitness apps also motivate users by introducing features like daily log goals, rewards, and goal tracking. You also get personalized plans and routines so you can work accordingly. Fitness apps can track your steps, calories burned, heart rate, and body measurements. Moreover, new technologies, such as wearable devices that collect data on the user's progress by installing these apps on the devices, are giving a new dimension to the fitness industry.

Different Domains of Fitness Apps

There are a lot of different categories of fitness apps that are available. A few of these are:

Workout and Exercise Apps

Most of these apps give users a properly planned workout routine and different exercises from cardio to HIIT. Give different training plans, instructions, and video demonstrations of the exercises to improve the user's fitness and health.

Nutrition and Diet Apps

These apps provide the user with a proper diet plan, including tracking calorie intake, proteins, and nutrients of the meal. They also help users make healthy choices and suggest different recipes to try, providing good suggestions for improving their health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Running and Cardio Apps

Apps like these keep track of the user's running, walking, and cardio activities. They monitor distance measurements, steps taken, and the burning of calories. These apps also provide features like GPS tracking, setting certain goals, and daily achievement log bars, ensuring that users can benefit from them and maintain a healthy life.

Weight and Heart Rate Tracking Apps

Weight tracking apps help users track and manage their progress, including tracking body measurements and comparing their weight journey, whether it is to lose or gain weight. Heart rate tracking apps keep track of user heart rates, ensuring that they are in a normal range.

These apps are improving the fitness industry gaining more followers as not many people can afford to go gym and have a personal diet planner. Even people with busy schedules prefer the apps over going to the actual places.

The Positives of the Fitness Apps

There is a wide range of benefits of these apps in the workout industry. Some of them are:


Fitness apps allow users to work out according to their preferred time. Users can work out anytime and anywhere as it is available at all times. they are also quite flexible allowing users with busy schedules to create their workout timing and routines. The users don’t even need workout equipment if they don’t have it as it provides hand full amount of exercises.


These apps also provide users with benefits like personalization. Users can input their fitness goals, body measurements, and any concerns related to their health to develop planned workouts specially made for these individuals and according to their requirements. Individuals can also choose what time is best for them. Things like these may not be available at a traditional gym.


These apps provide the user with a variety of workout and diet plan options.From traditional workouts to HIIT and Yoga. Different dance workouts are also available for those who are bored of the same boring workouts. These apps also suggest different diet plans and recipes for the user. So, they can choose the best workouts and diet plans according to their mood.

Cost Effective

Fitness apps are very cost-effective in comparison to the prices of actually going to the gym and nutrient specialists for diet plans. A Lot of them are free and the ones that are not free are also quite affordable. They are also flexible and users can choose the best time for themselves.

Workout Tracking

These apps also allow users to keep track of their workouts and monitor their journey. They also provide information about the percentages and differences that have occurred in this progress. Moreover, these apps help users stay motivated and provide them with statistics to improve their fitness journey.

What does the Future Hold for the Fitness Apps Industry

The fitness app industry is booming, and in the upcoming digital world, it is going to evolve even further. More virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) gyms and apps are going to be introduced. Digital devices that can accurately measure body temperature, health rates, and weight will be developed. Artificial intelligence (AI) will introduce features like virtual instructors, planned workouts, and accurate feedback. Moreover, more entertaining game-based fitness apps will be introduced, such as parkour and reward-collecting games combined with fitness apps.

Real-Time Fitness Apps

Some of the famous fitness applications are:

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club offers a wide range of workouts that includes Strength training, HIIT, Cardio, and yoga training. Moreover, they provide video demonstrations, and instructions and also provide personalized recommendations by keeping track of their user progress. They have over 1.8 million active users.

7 Minute Workout

7-minute workout is another great fitness app. It takes only 7 minutes of your day and provides you with video demonstrations and timers. This is great in such a way busy people can easily use it as it takes only 7 minutes of your day. The exercises are easy and you can do that multiple times if you want. 7 Minute Workout is the #1 fitness app in 127 countries.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! Is an interesting fitness app that is also a story-based game. The story is about an apocalyptic world where the users are being chased by zombies. To stay alive you have to run and complete missions. It is a way to make running, jogging, and walking interesting so users don't get bored and try to complete way. It's a win-win app you get entertained and also fit.


This is another great fitness app that keeps track of your calories and nutrition intake. This app offers meal plans and provides users with great recipes. This app has over 200 million users. You can also get personalized keto diet plans by giving your input such as weight and body measurements.

Fitness apps are going to keep evolving in the workout industry. It can be seen in these last few years and it is expected that they are going to reshape the industry even more as it is the future and the need of this current era. The virtual world has shaped and moulded our lives according to our needs, and fitness apps offer us luxury as it saves our time, and travel cost, and we can schedule our workout according to our stamina, speed, and the type of exercise and diet suitable to us fully panned in our palms. This game changer has made lives easier, better, and reliable as well as contributing to the success of the industry.

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