Looking for ways to boost team spirit and creativity among app developers working remotely? Here are 10 virtual team building games designed to enhance collaboration, creativity, and coding skills, all while having a blast:

These activities are not only fun, but they also help remote teams work better together, think creatively, and stay updated with technology. They offer a mix of coding challenges, creative thinking, and social bonding, making them perfect for app developer teams looking to improve their collaboration and output.

1. Coding Escape Rooms

Coding Escape

Coding Escape Rooms are like online puzzle games for people who code. Teams have to solve puzzles and use their coding knowledge to 'escape' from a virtual room.

Here's why these games are good for app developers:

Some games you can try with your team include Codingame, CodeHunt, HackerHunt, and Python Escape by Kahoot. Playing these games together can help remote developer teams feel more connected by sharing wins and learning from losses in a fun setting.

2. Hackathon Challenges

Hackathons are like coding contests where developers team up to create apps, websites, or other software quickly, usually in 24-48 hours. It's a cool way for app developer teams to sharpen their skills and think outside the box.

Here are some simple hackathon ideas for app developers:

App Prototyping Sprints

Feature Integration Hacks

Accessibility Hackathons

App Reskins

Bug Smash Marathons

Hackathons are a fun way for developer teams to learn together. They bring a sense of team spirit and connection among remote developers. Plus, the quick learning helps improve their work on real projects.

3. App Development Trivia

Playing trivia games about app development is a cool way for teams to check how much they know about coding, tech stuff, and how apps are made. Here are some fun trivia topics:

App History Trivia

Ask simple questions about important moments in the world of apps, like:

Tech Company Trivia

Find out who knows the most about big tech companies:

Coding Language Trivia

Have fun with questions about popular coding languages:

Mobile OS Trivia

See who knows the most about mobile operating systems:

App Design Trivia

Test your design knowledge with questions about how apps look and work:

Trivia games are a great way to chat about app development and learn new stuff about it. They also help teams working from different places feel like they're together, all while having a bit of competitive fun.

4. Virtual Code Reviews

Checking each other's work is a key part of making good apps. It helps teams find mistakes, share know-how, and stick to the best ways of doing things. But when team members work from different places, checking work together isn't so straightforward.

Using online tools like GitHub and GitLab, remote teams can look over code and share their thoughts easily.

Here are some simple ways to make checking code from afar work well:

Use Code Review Checklists

A checklist makes sure you don't forget to check anything. Some things to include might be:

Checklists help everyone give the same high-quality feedback.

Review Small Code Changes

Don't overwhelm yourself with too much code at once. Focus on small parts, like new functions or sections. This makes giving feedback easier.

Use Built-In Review Tools

Platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket have features for reviewing code. You can comment on specific parts of the code directly. This makes the process smoother.

Set Up A Video Call

Talking over video while you go through the code can help a lot. You can share your screen and even draw on it to show what you mean.

Review Regularly

Make checking code a regular thing, not just before you launch something. Doing it every week or so can help your team learn and make better apps.

Doing virtual code reviews well takes some work, but it's worth it for the better teamwork and code quality. It's a good habit for teams that aren't in the same place.

5. Online Gaming Night

Having an online gaming night is a great way for app developer teams who work from different places to have fun and get to know each other better outside of work. Here are some tips to make sure everyone has a good time:

Choose Games That Encourage Teamwork

Pick games where you have to work together to win, like Overcooked, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, or Minecraft. These games are fun because you have to talk and plan with your team to beat the challenges.

Set Up A Discord Server

Create a Discord server for your gaming nights. This gives you a place to talk and organize things. You can have different channels for talking and for different games.

Take Turns Choosing Games

Let everyone pick a game to play on different nights. This way, everyone gets to play something they like. Look for good multiplayer games that are fun to play over the internet.

Establish Some Friendly Competition

Make things a bit more exciting by having teams and keeping score. But remember, the main goal is to have fun together. Simple competitive games like Pictionary or Scribbl.io are perfect for this.

Keep The Games Short

Choose games that have short rounds, about 10-15 minutes each. This way, people can join in even if they don't have a lot of time. It makes gaming night easier for everyone to get into.

Online gaming nights are a relaxed way for teams that work remotely to connect. Planning nights that everyone can enjoy is key. Laughing and winning together can make your team feel closer.

6. Dev Virtual Summit

Think about setting up a dev virtual summit for a fun and useful team activity. It's like a mini online conference where your team members can share topics they're passionate about or skilled in.

You can use Zoom's Immersive View to make it look like everyone's in the same room, giving it a real conference feel.

Ask your team to pick something they want to share. This could be anything from a cool coding trick they've learned to a hobby they're really into.

The idea is to let everyone show what they're good at. This can make your team feel more valued and boost everyone's mood.

Here are some ideas for what people could talk about:

You could also make it a bit of a competition, where everyone votes for their favorite talk. But the main point is to learn from each other and have a good time.

A dev virtual summit is a great way for your remote team to share what they know. It brings people closer and helps everyone get better at what they do.

7. Virtual Pictionary: Code Edition

Virtual Pictionary with a twist for coding is a great way for teams of developers to have fun and connect.

Here's the simple way to do it:

Why this game is good for your team:

All you need is something to draw with, paper, and a way to video call like Zoom. This simple game can bring your team closer, even if you're all working from different places. Plus, you might come up with some great new ideas for coding while you're at it!

8. Remote Pair Programming

Pair programming is basically when two developers work on the same piece of code together. It's great for catching mistakes early, sharing what you know, and making teamwork better. But doing this remotely can be a bit of a challenge.

Here's how to make remote pair programming easier:

Use Screen Sharing

Seeing the same thing is crucial. Use video call tools like Zoom, Meet, or Teams to share your screen. This way, both of you can see the code you're working on.

Take Turns Driving

Decide who's typing first. Swap every 20-30 minutes. The person not typing watches, gives feedback, and thinks of ideas. Switching helps keep things clear.

Talk It Out

While coding, talk about what you're doing. This back-and-forth is what makes pair programming valuable. Don't just code quietly.

Use Familiar Tools

Stick to code editors both of you know well. This saves time because you won't have to learn new tools on the spot.

Try Remote Desktop Apps

Apps like TeamViewer let you control the other person's computer. This can make switching roles smoother. Just be careful not to get mixed up.

Set Up Rules

Agree on things like when to switch roles, how long to work, and when to take breaks. This makes things less awkward.

Pair programming from different places takes a bit of effort to get right, but it's worth it. With screen sharing, good communication, and some basic rules, you can make remote pair programming a success.

9. War of the Wizards: Programming Edition

War of the Wizards

War of the Wizards is a team game that's all about having fun and getting creative, which is great for app developers who work from home.

Here's the basic idea:

Why this game is good for developers:

This game is a lively way to encourage remote developer teams to think creatively and have a good laugh together. The fun and creativity can also make the team feel more connected.

10. Build Your Own App Game

Creating a simple app game as a team is a great way to have some fun and work on your coding at the same time. Here are a few game ideas you might like:

Simple Trivia App

2D Platformer

Geolocation Scavenger Hunt

Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

Interactive Fiction App

Why making mini games is a good idea:

Letting your team create their own small games can make work more enjoyable and teamwork stronger. Plus, the creativity and fun you have can lead to great things in your actual projects.



Virtual team building games are a great way for app developers who work from home to feel more connected and work better together. By playing games like escape rooms, hackathons, and doing pair programming, developers can:

Overall, playing different types of games can make remote app developer teams stronger by improving how they work together, think, and learn. For managers looking to make their teams more collaborative, creative, and happy, virtual team building games are a good choice.


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